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A Wild and Unremarkable Thing Review and Giveaway

Goodreads Review

Cayda has spent her entire life training to slay a Fire Scale. Now the time has come to leave her dragon-ravaged village behind, march into the Summer Alps, and reap the rewards of a Champion. But the road between poverty and prosperity is rife with beasts, betrayals, and baser temptations. Sensible Cayda soon discovers she’s not the only Champion with her eye on the prize, or the only one wearing a disguise.

A Wild and Unremarkable Thing pits girl against dragon in a stunning blend of Greek mythology and medieval lore. Don’t miss the thrilling novella that readers are calling poetic, enchanting, and a must-read for fans of fantasy!

My Thoughts

For me A Wild and Unremarkable Thing was a exciting and fast fantasy read. A book about dragons or red scales, is a book that draws me in quickly. With Mulan feels and a Medieval Times setting in this novel, an adventure awaits you. Dragons/Fire Scales mixed with feminism and family bonds, there are a lot of great ingredients to this fantasy.

The mythology element of the death God added an extra finesse to the story. I loved Cody's character!  She was very real and driven.  This story is character-driven and done so quite well. Penn was another great character in this story for me.  One might not think they would like the God of Death, I know personally before his character arch, I pictured Hades from hercules...  but his character developed and quickly became a key role for Cody's livelihood and destiny.  

Cody and Penn met my expectations mostly. Where I felt some of the language to describe certain body parts in the novel may have been blunt or vulgar, the romantic scenes could have been lengthened with more detail. The romance itself did not feel rushed but the intimate moments did.

 I loved Prince Fares role in the story as well, his extremely friendly nature with both men and women, kept the story lighthearted and at times comical.   Wolfe not so much.  I loved him in the beginning of the book and I thought he would do something great but I felt the author must have had a change of heart on his character somewhere in the middle of the book and decided she didn't like him anymore.  I was ok with the same feeling towards Zoe, but I never cared for her anyway.  The book was short and felt rushed and was a fast read for me and I actually read it in about 4 hours and that is a first for me. I read it that quickly for two reasons. One it was a short book and two it was an exciting book. I wish the story could have been dragged out a little longer with more relationship details but the excitement and adventure with dragons and hunting made up for it and I will surely be dreaming of becoming a dragon slayer tonight in my slumber. Although thanks to A Wild and Unremarkable Thing, I may consider the dragons feelings...

My Favorite Quotes

"Small of sature, gentle of heart, " he says.  "You might write your own story, Cody.  But men will write stories about you too."

"You're getting a little ahead of yourself, aren't you?"  he says.  Now she's gliding through his veins.  Now is blood is silk and his pulse is fluttering.

He's sure he will die a dreadful, unimpressive death, sixty years from today, if he does not do something great. 

All manner of things can happen to a girl traveling alone, even a girl with bound breasts and sheered-off hair. 

About the Author:
Jen Castleberry lives and writes in Virginia Beach.
Her background is in Animal Welfare.
All of her pets are named after superheroes.

       Prize: 1 signed paperback copy of A WILD AND UNREMARKABLE THING by Jen Castleberry
       US Only
       Starts: January 23
       Ends: February 2


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