Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Review ~ Strange The Dreamer

I have to be honest and say that I really didn't care for the beginning of the story. Yes, we got our back story on Lazlo Strange but back a little too far in my opinion.  However, once Lazlo was grown, I was more intrigued.  I loved his snarky attitude towards the philosophers, towards life. I loved that he is a dreamer, not ready to settle into the ordinary.  He knew more was out there and he didn't want to give up on it, no matter how much others mocked him.  I listened to the audio book version, so if I spell the names wrong, that's why. 

Thion Nero is such a spoiled aristocrat and I truly hated him from the first mention of him.  I felt bad for him in one moment and then went right back to hating him.  

Sarai and her group of God-Spawn definitely threw me off in the beginning of the book, though it could've been due to me listening to an audio book rather than reading it.  I love the convenience of audio books, however, I tend to miss some details sometimes and that does suck.  Either way, I eventually understood what was going on in the story and loved every waking second of it.  The small group of God-Spawn were a family, and every family has its black sheep.  In this case, Sarai is not the black sheep, that position fits goes to another. 

So many unexpected twists, kept me intrigued and wanting more.  The emotions that Laini Taylor makes you feel are intense and raw and real.  These characters, all of them, powerful and resilient, are legit.  Their feelings, drafted so carefully, and with no mistake, pull at every one of your heart strings.

The different plots that are in Strange the Dreamer keep you wondering and guessing what will happen next.  When you read of a character and truly feel for them, you know it's a good book.  The complexity of the relationships between each of these characters is overwhelming and surreal.  With its weirdness and authenticity, Strange is definitely my most surprising read of 2017 and I cannot wait until the sequel is released.  

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