Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mosaics: A Collection of Independent Women

Mosaics:  A Collection of Independent Women


Mosaics: A Collection of Independent Women will inspire and shock you with its multi-faceted look at the history and culture surrounding femininity. If gender is a construct, this anthology is the house it built. Look through its many rooms, some bright and airy, some terrifying– with monsters lurking in the shadows.

Mosaics Volume One features twenty self-identified female authors writing about Intersectionality, including women of color, and members of the disability, trans, and GLB/ GSD* (Gender and Sexual Diversities) communities. We have curated amazing short fiction, flash fiction, poetry, essays, and art. It’s personal, political, and a great read.
This collection includes Hugo Award Nominees, Tiptree Shortlists, Pushcart Prize Winners, USA Today Bestsellers, indie superstars and traditionally published talents alike. The anthology combines leading and new voices all proclaiming their identity as Women, and their ability to Roar.

My Review:
I’ve never really read a book with a collection of stories quite like this.  This anthology holds very intriguing stories that all come from women of different ethnic backgrounds and different beliefs.  The simple fact that this novel holds stores by not only women, but women that hold prestigious awards, or have been nominated for them and women who have already been labeled as national best sellers, screams to a potential reader, to pick this up and don’t put it back down. 

Starting the collection of stories, Deborah Walker, an author who resides in London, writes a fascinating tale of what its like to be A Wax Anatomist’s Daughter and how a young woman who initially wants nothing to do with her mother, finds that ultimately, her mother is exactly who she wants to be with.

The Book of Lilith by P.K.Tyler is another exciting recant of so many versions of Adam and Eve, but Tyler shows the life of Lilith in such a way that most would never even begin to imagine was possible.  I loved her descriptive sense of the characters and her world building of a place that so many people have been told about throughout history. 

Elizabeth S. Wolf is an expert of poems and stories and allows her readers to experience that through her marvelous works.  In Synergy/Contradictions, Wolf’s words draw you in and force you to be in “the survivor’s” shoes.  These stories among the rest, speak to the reader and allow each and every one of us to experience a different life.  A different voice.  A light to our darkness.  A sound to our silence.  I absolutely cannot wait for Volume 2.  I highly recommend this to all readers, reviewers and the like!

 I received a free copy of Mosaics:  A Collection of Independent Women in exchange for an honest review.   

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