Monday, June 12, 2017

Lady Midnight...

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To be honest, I was terrified of Lady Midnight for more than one reason.  After reading the entire Mortal Instrument series, after falling in love with so many characters, after being introduced to The Infernal Devices and loving and hating that story, needing Jem to be real so I could hold him, after all of that, I wasn't sure if I could dive back into the shadow hunter world.  I didn't think I could even allow myself to get to know this new generation of shadow hunters.  However, when a series is this good, intricately weaved of emotions, magic and action, the temptation will not go away for a true Cassie Clare fan, I think.  

Can anyone replace Clary and Jace in our hearts??  

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This massively large fantasy book, spoke out to me and drew me in slowly but surely.  Sitting on the top shelf of my bookshelf, protruding out from the rest of the series.  Btw, have I mentioned in any past posts, how much I love Instagram?  You can follow me @justicereads, Twitter is great too, but Instagram has this way of drawing people in more I think.  You're posts aren't limited to so few characters like Twitter, and you have elaborately decorated pictures to really entice people to find out more about newly released books.  Anyway, it was a wonderful friend @tall_telle_tells_tales that invited me to join her buddy reading group of Lady Midnight in preparation for Lord of Shadows and that's what it took to pull me over the edge and I was ready to start reading.   I held the gargantuan book in my hands, I listened to Julian's and Emma's screams through the audio book and I stared at fanart spread throughout social media.  

I was utterly in love with Lady Midnight.  

Cassie doesn't stray from her normal writing.  With re-introduced characters, now older, the war against evil is still present, just in a different form.  The love triangles exist, and have your heart being pulled in different directions, because Cassie makes you love all of her characters.  Even her villains have reasonable motives so you can't just simply hate them.  The twists and turns in the story however, make you cringe, make you wonder why Cassie likes to torture us!?  Haha!!!  Lady Midnight is everything it should be and I can't believe I waited so long to read this incredible spin off series!  I'm going to end this review now because I need to start reading Lord of Shadows right away so I know what's going to happen between you know who!  Well, maybe you don't yet, but you will if you know what's in your bookworms heart's best interest!!!! 

Time to read Lord of Shadows...

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